AB Copycat Walking away Calling you baby Ballymore Boys
Anything goes Open heart cowboy

Solitary man

The Gambler

Country as can be Story of us Where the wind blows Chill Factor
Spring rain Disappearing tail lights Skiffle time Doctor doctor
Walk down town Bodhran Settle down A devil in disguise
Joana Red Camaro Ding dang darn it Island in the stream
Stealing the best Mean 1929 Clickety Clack
Texas Waltz Amazing grâce Driven Galway Girl
Talk is cheap Winter's apple Memphis T  
Bit of Irish Speak to the sky Get your feet down  
Save water, drink beer Bad thing Water  
Can't stop it Roll in the hay    
Cowboy Madison Billy's dance    
Celtic Angel Whole again    
Wanna dance Lipstick    
Whatcha reckon Deo Deo



Everybody knows      
Gold digger      
8 ball      
Colorado Girls Partner      
Cocacola Cowboy      
Cowboy motion      
Something in the water      
An absolute dream      

Raining cats & dogs

County fair      
Lemon drop      
Kangaroo hide